Richest Youtubers 2024 – Most Earnings Yearly

YouTube has emerged as a powerful platform for content creators to showcase their talents and amass substantial fortunes. And unsurprisingly, it has given rise to various millionaires across the globe. 

From MrBeast to PewDiePie, we’ll take a look at the top 20 richest YouTube creators who have leveraged their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to build multi-million dollar empires for themselves.

Top 20 Richest YouTubers of 2024:

Let’s take a look at the top 20 richest Youtubers of 2024 and their net worth. 

YouTuber’s NameSubscribers Net Worth
MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)258 Million$500 Million
Jeffree Star15.8 Million$200 Million
Logan Paul23.5 Million$150 Million
Like Nastya115 Million$104 Million
Ryan’s World 37 Million$100 Million
KSI24.1 Million$100 Million
Dude Perfect60.2 Million$100 Million
Jake Paul20.7 Million$80 Million
Ninja 23.8 Million$50 Million
PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)111 Million$45 Million
Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach)36.6 Million$45 Million 
Rhett And Link 5.21 Million$40 Million
DANTDM28.6 Million$35 Million
Unspeakable 17.3 Million$28.5 Million
Vanoss Gaming25.9 Million$25 Million 
David Dobrik17.5 Million$25 Million
Preston Arsement 26.3 Million$25 Million
James Charles 23.8 Million$22 Million
Lilly Singh14.4 Million$20 Million 
Blippy19.9 Million$16 Million

Note: The subscriber’s numbers were written and calculated on the day this was written. The numbers may change over time. 

Now that we’ve seen these richest YouTuber’s names, let’s check out how they’re building their empire below!

1. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) — $500 Million

Youtube HandleMrBeast
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, Beast Burger and sponsorships

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has captivated audiences with his extravagant stunts and charitable acts. His videos often involve lavish giveaways and competitions, attracting millions of views and substantial advertising revenue. 

When you combine the massive ad revenue from his YouTube channels, the lucrative sponsorship deals, and the income from his merchandise and business ventures, it becomes clear why industry experts estimate MrBeast’s yearly earnings to fall within the $80 million to $120 million range.

Additionally, MrBeast has diversified his income through lucrative sponsorships and strategic investments like Beast Burger. 

2. Jeffree Star — $200 Million

Youtube Handle jeffreestar
Age 37
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, cosmetics line, merchandise

Jeffree Star, the controversial yet immensely popular beauty influencer, tops the list as the wealthiest YouTuber. His rise to fame began with his makeup tutorials and bold personality, which quickly garnered a massive following.

While Jeffree Star’s initial rise to fame was fueled by his makeup artistry and social media presence, his entrepreneurial spirit and savvy business decisions have been instrumental in amassing his substantial net worth, estimated to be around $200 million. 

By continuously adapting to market trends, expanding his brand, and exploring new opportunities, Jeffree Star has solidified his position as a successful and influential figure in the beauty and business world. However, Star’s true source of wealth lies in his wildly successful cosmetics line, JeffreeStar Cosmetics, which generates millions in revenue annually. 

3. Logan Paul -$150 Million

Youtube Handle Logan Paul
Age 29
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, Merchandise, Podcast, WWE, Prime and beverages

Logan Paul, known for his controversial and daring stunts, has amassed a substantial fortune through his YouTube channel and various business ventures. 

While Logan Paul’s initial fame and wealth stemmed from his YouTube success, his ability to capitalize on his popularity and diversify his income streams has been instrumental in his financial growth. From boxing matches and acting gigs to merchandising and business ventures, Logan Paul has leveraged his fame and entrepreneurial spirit to build a multi-million dollar net worth, estimated to be around $45 million. 

4. Like Nastya — $104 Million

Youtube Handle Like Nastya
Age 10
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, and sponsorships. 

10 years old Like Nastya, whose real name is Anastasia Radzinskaya, has amassed an impressive net worth. Her channel, which features vlogs and skits centered around her daily life, has gained immense popularity among children and parents alike. 

Nastya’s adorable persona and family-friendly content have translated into a lucrative empire, with merchandise and sponsorship deals contributing significantly to her wealth. Being 10 years old, she has generated a huge amount of money from various sources and has entered the richest YouTuber club.

Beyond ad revenue, Like Nastya’s financial success is bolstered by a lucrative brand At just 9 years old, Anastasia’s rise to fame and fortune is proof of her charm and content creation skills. 

Moreover, her story inspires many, showcasing how creativity and strategic monetization can lead to astounding success in the digital world.

5. Ryan’s World — $100 Million

Youtube Handle Ryan’s world 
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, toy line, and partnerships. 

Ryan Kaji, the charismatic star of Ryan’s World, has captured the hearts of millions of children worldwide. His unboxing videos and imaginative playtime adventures have propelled him to fame and fortune.

In addition to his YouTube earnings, Ryan has leveraged his popularity to launch a successful toy line and merchandise collection, further solidifying his status as one of the wealthiest kid influencers.

The ToysReview channel rebranded as Ryan’s World, expanding into skits, challenges, educational videos, and more. Ryan’s insatiable curiosity and relatable childhood adventures made him one of the biggest kid influencers on YouTube.

At the height of his popularity, new Ryan’s World videos garnered around 1 billion views per month from his tens of millions of loyal young fans. The massive viewership translated to tremendous wealth through advertising revenue splits with YouTube.

6. KSI — $100 Million

Youtube Handle KSI
Age 30
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, music, boxing matches, merchandise and Prime Hydration. 

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, has carved a unique path to success. Initially gaining popularity as a gaming YouTuber, he has since diversified his income streams through music releases, boxing matches against fellow YouTubers and a thriving merchandise line.

Leveraging his internet stardom, KSI transitioned into music and has released several hit rap singles and studio albums. His debut album Dissimulation, reached the UK #2 spot in 2020. 

Music has become a major income generator between streaming revenues, album sales, live performances, and tours.

As his subscriber base swelled into the millions, the ad revenue from YouTube allowed KSI to move into a luxurious home and living the lifestyle of a wealthy celebrity. 

But he didn’t stop there – KSI leveraged his online fame to branch out into endeavors like music releases, merchandise, touring, and even professional boxing matches. 

From a teenager ranting in his bedroom to an international celebrity and businessman, KSI’s massive online influence and willingness to embrace every opportunity paved his path to making a fortune before the age of 30.

7. Dude Perfect — $100 Million (combined) 

Youtube Handle Dude Perfect
Age Garrett Hilbert: 37 years oldCoby Cotton: 36 years oldCory Cotton: 36 years oldCody Jones: 36 years oldTyler Nathan “Ty” Toney: 35 years old
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, sponsorships, live shows

The five best friends who make up Dude Perfect – twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney – had humble beginnings. They met while playing basketball at a small Texas college in the late 2000s. 

In their free time, they started filming simple trick-shot videos, launching basketballs into hoops from outrageously difficult angles and distances.

Those early videos showcasing their incredible talents went viral after the group uploaded them to a newly-created YouTube channel in 2009. Dude Perfect’s goofy personalities and amazing basketball skills quickly amassed a huge following of fans who loved their creative trick shots and challenge videos.

As their popularity on YouTube skyrocketed into the millions of subscribers, brands began lining up to sponsor and advertise with Dude Perfect. The revenue from ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and YouTube’s cut of their billions of video views allowed the group to leave their day jobs and pursue content creation full-time.

8. Jake Paul — $80 Million

Youtube Handle Jake Paul 
Age 27
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, boxing matches, and merchandise, 

Jake Paul rose to fame and fortune through a combination of viral internet stardom and business savvy. Leaning into his famous feuds with other influencers, Jake convinced former fighters to enter the ring for high-profile pay-per-view boxing matches against him. 

Though dismissed as stunts by some, these wildly hyped events drew huge audiences and paydays.

Jake’s first few boxing matches earned him millions per fight in purse winnings and PPV revenue shares. 

Through relentless self-promotion, entrepreneurship across various fields, and his mastery of the influencer economy, Jake Paul has built an incredibly lucrative personal brand worth tens of millions by his mid-20s.

9. Ninja (Tyler Blevins) — $50 Million

Youtube Handle Ninja
Age 32 
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, Twitch subscriptions, merchandise, and sponsorships. 

 Tyler “Ninja” Blevins spent years toiling in relative obscurity as a professional gamer and streamer, but his dedication was about to pay off in a major way. In 2017, Ninja’s rise coincided with the meteoric popularity of the new battle royale game Fortnite. 

His streaming channel on Twitch, showcasing his incredible skills and entertaining personality in Fortnite immediately exploded with viewers. Within months, Ninja had become gaming’s first true crossover celebrity, with millions of fans tuning in daily to watch his streams.

As negotiations heated up between streaming platforms vying for exclusivity deals with Ninja, the bidding war reflected his status as esports’ biggest draw. He ultimately signed a blockbuster exclusive contract with Mixer rumored to be worth over $20 million.

From his fully-branded merchandise selling out within minutes to the seven-figure donations he received during streams, Ninja’s influence turned his gaming hobby into a multimillionaire’s empire. 

His net worth climbed over $25 million before age 30, making him one of the world’s highest-paid entertainers thanks to the rise of streaming and esports.

10. PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) — $45 Million

Youtube Handle PewDiePie 
Age 34 Years 
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, investments, and book sales. 

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is a true pioneer in the YouTube gaming community. PewDiePie started his YouTube channel in 2010, simply recording himself playing video games and providing humorous commentary from his university apartment in Sweden. 

His goofy personality and irreverent takes on gaming culture struck a chord, rapidly building him a loyal fanbase.

As his subscriber count skyrocketed into the millions over the next few years, PewDiePie’s videos began generating substantial ad revenue from YouTube’s Partner Program. He was able to leave his job and pursue content creation full-time thanks to this income stream.

However, PewDiePie’s wealth skyrocketed after he signed an endorsement deal with the gaming company Maker Studios in 2012. This partnership, as well as merchandise sales, allowed him to produce even more videos and build his audience further.

At his peak in the mid-2010s, PewDiePie had over 100 million YouTube subscribers, making him one of the most widely followed online personalities on the planet. 

His massive viewership translated to earning over $10 million per year through YouTube ad money, sponsorships, investments, and merchandise sales.

Despite some controversies, PewDiePie’s early mover advantage, prolific video output, and massively loyal fanbase allowed him to build an entertainment empire and personal net worth estimated at around $40 million by his late 20s. His success exemplified the wealth-building potential of becoming an online superstar.

Additionally, Kjellberg has diversified his income through strategic investments and book deals, solidifying his status as one of the wealthiest YouTubers. 

11. Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach) — $45 Million

Youtube Handle Markiplier
Age 34
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, investments, acting

Mark Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, started posting gameplay videos with comedic commentary on YouTube in 2012 while working as a student biomedical engineer. His natural charisma, boisterous personality, and talent for wildly entertaining reactions made his gaming clips go viral.

As Markiplier’s channel rapidly gained millions of subscribers, drawn to his off-the-wall humor and relentless upload schedule, he was able to leave his day job and pursue YouTube full-time thanks to the advertising revenue.

However, Markiplier didn’t stop at just letting the YouTube money roll in. He capitalized on his internet fame by launching a highly successful merchandise line and touring with his comedy shows. His loyal fanbase snatched up branded clothing, accessories, and show tickets.

Through a brilliant mix of entertaining content, exhaustive work ethic, savvy business moves, and cultivating a dedicated fanbase, Markiplier’s net worth swelled into the tens of millions by his early 30s.

 From humble beginnings as a student, he leveraged the influencer economy to build a multimedia empire and life-changing wealth.

12. Rhett and Link — $40 Million (combined)

Youtube Handle Rhett & Link
Age 46, 45
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, book sales, TV show

Lifelong best friends Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal first found viral internet fame in the early 2000s with their hilarious sketch comedy videos and local TV show in North Carolina. However, it wasn’t until they launched their wildly popular YouTube channel in 2006 that their wealth really began to take off.

The charismatic pair’s “Rhett & Link” channel featured laugh-out-loud sketches, ridiculous songs, extreme food challenges, and adventurous real-life stunts. Their off-the-wall chemistry and comedic brilliance hooked millions of subscribers with their outrageous antics.

As the YouTube money from ads and sponsorships poured in, Rhett and Link smartly reinvested it into forming their hugely successful media company, Mythical Entertainment. This allowed them to hire talented writers, producers, and crew to pump out high-quality videos and launch new shows consistently.

They diversified their income streams through bestselling books, comedy tours, podcasts, TV shows, and a wildly popular annual convention. Merchandise sales of Mythical-branded apparel and novelty items brought in millions more.

By owning their media business and maximizing their talents across multiple platforms, the childhood friends combined forces to build a comedy empire worth over $30 million by their 40s. Their lucrative partnership proved two bestie goofballs could turn viral laughs into a massive fortune.

13. DanTDM — $35 Million

Youtube Handle DanTDM
Age 32 Years 
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, book sales, app development

Daniel Middleton, known online as DANTDM, was just an average kid growing up in England. But his life took an extraordinary turn when he started posting videos of himself playing video games with hilarious commentary on YouTube in 2012.

DANTDM’s warm personality, family-friendly humor and incredible gaming skills immediately resonated with a young audience. His Minecraft videos showcasing elaborate creations and outrageous challenges went viral, rapidly attracting millions of loyal subscribers.

As YouTube’s ad revenue started rolling in, DANTDM made the risky decision to drop out of university and pursue content creation full-time from his parents’ home. 

He capitalized on his fame by launching his own hugely successful line of merchandise branded with his character avatars and catchphrases. DANTDM’s worldwide tours and organized live events sold out instantly to his adoring fans.

Within a decade, DANTDM had leveraged his YouTube influence to build an incredible multimedia empire and personal fortune estimated at over $35 million by his late 20s. His story proved the immense wealth-building potential of kid-friendly gaming content.

14. Unspeakable( Nathan Graham)— $28.5 Million

Youtube Handle Unspeakable Gaming
Age 25
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, sponsorships

Nathan Graham, known online as Unspeakable, discovered his path to internet stardom and riches through the wildly popular video game Minecraft. In 2012, he started posting videos of his amazing Minecraft creations, gameplay, and hilarious real-life skits and challenges on YouTube.

Unspeakable’s goofy charm, relatability, and skill at the game immediately struck a chord with young viewers. As his subscriber base exploded into the millions, the ad revenue from YouTube allowed him to drop out of college and pursue content creation full-time.

However, Unspeakable didn’t stop at just letting the YouTube money roll in. He parlayed his internet fame into a merchandising empire, launching his own hugely successful clothing line featuring his iconic smiley-face logo and vibrant colors.

Major brands like HugeGame and Netflix came calling, offering Unspeakable lucrative sponsorship and partnership deals to promote their products to his massive preteen audience. He landed seven-figure deals for game launches, TV shows, and more.

15. Vanoss Gaming (Evan Fong)— $25 Million 

Youtube Handle VanossGaming 
Age 31
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, sponsorships

Evan Fong, better known as VanossGaming, first started posting videos of himself playing video games with friends in 2011 as a teenager. His calm demeanor and witty banter while capturing hilarious gaming moments quickly gained him a loyal following.

As VanossGaming’s YouTube channel exploded in popularity, reaching tens of millions of subscribers, the ad revenue from his videos allowed Evan to pursue content creation as a full-time career straight out of high school.

However, Evan didn’t just rely on YouTube’s money. He capitalized on his fame by launching his own hugely successful merchandise line featuring his iconic owl logo. VanossGaming branded apparel and accessories flew off the shelves to his dedicated fanbase.

Major gaming companies like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Activision came calling, offering VanossGaming lucrative sponsorship deals to market their new releases. He landed multi-million dollar partnerships to stream games while reaching his coveted young male audience.

By diversifying his revenue streams and building a multimedia brand around his online persona, VanossGaming’s net worth skyrocketed into the tens of millions by his late 20s. Evan’s early internet success allowed him to acquire remarkable wealth.

16. David Dobrik — $25 Million

Youtube Handle David Dobrik
Age 27
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise, acting

David Dobrik first started gaining a following in the early 2010s through his hilarious six-second videos on the app Vine. His goofy persona and willingness to pull outrageous pranks and stunts made his clips go viral.

When Vine shut down, David seamlessly transitioned to YouTube, launching his wildly popular “VIEWS” vlog channel in 2015. His authentic behind-the-scenes friend group antics and elaborate surprises for fans immediately drew millions of subscribers hooked on his infectious energy.

As the YouTube ad dollars poured in, David took the risky leap of declining brand deals in order to maintain full creative control. This allowed him to produce even more outlandish videos that continued growing his fanbase exponentially.

However, David’s biggest profits came when he launched his own successful merchandise line, David’s Disposable. Whenever new items dropped, his branded hoodies, accessories, and camera equipment sold out within minutes to his rabid fan army.

He further capitalized on his fame by investing in popular apps like Dispo, marketing his own prank shows and podcasts, and signing lucrative sponsorship deals. By his mid-20s, David Dobrik’s net worth had skyrocketed past $20 million through his innovative, guerrilla-style personal brand and merchandise empire.

17. Preston Arsement — $25 Million

Youtube Handle Preston Arsement 
Age 30
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, Minecraft server

Preston Arsement has built a massive following on YouTube by creating entertaining Minecraft gameplay videos and challenges.

His success has led to lucrative merchandise sales and the development of his own Minecraft server, further bolstering his substantial net worth.

As his channel grew in viewership, advertising revenue through YouTube’s Partner Program became a significant income stream. Popular YouTubers can earn substantial money from the ads displayed on their videos based on factors like watch time and viewer demographics.

18. James Charles — $22 Million

Youtube HandleJames Charles 
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, clothing line, Sponsorship and a makeup line.

James Charles, born James Charles Dickinson, is an American internet personality, makeup artist, and model who has amassed a significant net worth through various avenues in the beauty and entertainment industry.

Charles began his career as a local makeup artist in Bethlehem, New York, and gained fame after a tweet featuring his makeup went viral. This exposure led to him becoming CoverGirl’s first male brand ambassador at just 17 years old. 

His YouTube channel, launched in December 2015, quickly became a sensation, focusing on beauty and makeup tutorials.

The bulk of James Charles’ wealth comes from his successful YouTube channel, which generates substantial ad revenue. Additionally, he has engaged in lucrative brand partnerships and merchandise sales. 

In 2018, he released an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics, which sold out in Europe in less than 6 minutes during its initial drop. His net worth, as of 2024, is estimated to be around $22 million.  

19. Lilly Singh — $20 Million

Youtube Handle Lilly Singh 
Age 35
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, acting, book deals, comedy tours

Singh’s ascent to financial success began with her YouTube channel, which she started in 2010. Her often humorous and relatable content quickly resonated with a global audience, leading to a subscriber count of over 14 million and a staggering 3 billion video views as of early 2023.

Her videos frequently parody Punjabi culture and include characters like her fictional parents, Paramjeet and Manjeet, have garnered tens of millions of views.

Her online success translated into substantial earnings from YouTube ad revenue, brand endorsements, and merchandise sales. 

Forbes recognized her as the third highest-paid YouTuber in 2016, with earnings of $7.5 million, and in 2017, she ranked tenth, earning $10.5 million. As of 2024, Lilly Singh’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million

20. Blippi — $16.5 Million

Youtube Handle Blippi  
Age 35
Source Of Income YouTube ad revenue, merchandise, live tours

Blippi, the energetic and colorful children’s entertainer, has captured the hearts of millions of young viewers worldwide. 

Stevin John, the creator behind Blippi, has leveraged his character’s popularity to generate substantial income through YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and live tours, solidifying his spot among the richest YouTubers.

Capitalizing on Blippi’s widespread appeal, Stevin John has organized live tours and personal appearances, allowing fans to experience the character in person. These events, which often sell out quickly, generate substantial income through ticket sales and provide additional opportunities for merchandise sales.

By combining the power of YouTube’s monetization model, merchandising opportunities, live events, brand partnerships, and strategic reinvestment, Stevin John has transformed the Blippi character into a multi-million dollar empire. 

Conclusion -MrBeast is The Richest YouTuber With Net Worth of $500 Million

YouTube has definitely created many millionaires. This also highlights the power of creativity, consistency, and the ability to adapt to constant change. 

Each of these YouTubers has their own story and in case you missed some of the richest YouTubers in 2024, here is a quick summary: 

  • Mr Beast – $500 Million 
  • Jeffree Star – $200 million
  • Like Nastya — $104 Million 

Who is your favorite YouTuber? Let us know in the comments section below!

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